Friday, January 15, 2016


2013 American Feature

Cast: Michael J. Willett, Paul Iacono, Sasha Pieterse, Andrea Bowen, Xosha Roquemore, Evanna Lynch, Joanna 'Jojo' Levesque, Megan Mullally, Natasha Lyonne, Jonathan Silverman and Rebecca Gayheart
Director: Darren Stein
Writer: George Northy

When unassuming student Tanner is outted, he finds himself cast as the hottest new teen-girl accessory, "The Gay Best Friend", of three high school clique queens — drama diva Caprice, Mormon princess 'Shley and blonde fashionista Fawcett — battling for supreme popularity.



  • DVD/Blu-ray: Available
  • Soundtrack: Available


  • FilmOut San Diego Audience Awards for Best Comedy and Screenplay and Festival Award for Soundtrack.

  • George Northy's screenplay was a finalist for both Outfest's Screenwriting Lab and NewFest's NewDraft Screenplay Contest. Actress Guinevere Turner, a judge in the Outfest lab, referred the script to director Darren Stein.
  • Casting Call: Raven SymonĂ©.
  • The film received an R rating from the MPAA for "sexual references". Director Darren Stein responded to the rating by saying, "I always thought of G.B.F. as a PG-13 movie, but we were given an R for "Sexual References" while not having a single F-bomb, hint of nudity or violence in the film. Perhaps the ratings box should more accurately read "For Homosexual References" or "Too Many Scenes of Gay Teens Kissing." I look forward to a world where queer teens can express their humor and desire in a sweet, fun teen film that doesn't get tagged with a cautionary R."

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