Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Andy Warhol: A Documentary Film

2006 American Feature

Cast: Laurie Anderson, Donna De Salvo, Bob Dylan, Dave Hickey, Dennis Hopper, Jeff Koons, Paul Morrissey, John Richardson and Holly Woodlawn
Director: Ric Burns
Writers: Ric Burns and James Sanders

The life and artistic influence of iconic pop artist Andy Warhol.



  • DVD: Available

Video clip:

  • Peabody Award.

  • In addition to Andy Warhol himself, notable people appearing in archival footage include: Salvador DalĂ­, Candy Darling, George Plimpton and Edie Sedgwick.
  • Debuted in September 2006 with a two-week theatrical run in New York City, then televised in the United States over two nights later that month on PBS as part of its American Masters series.

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