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The Trials of Oscar Wilde

1960 British Feature
Alternate Titles: The Man with the Green Carnation / The Green Carnation

Cast: Peter Finch, Yvonne Mitchell, James Mason, Nigel Patrick, Lionel Jeffries, John Fraser, Sonia Dresdel, Maxine Audley and James Booth
Director: Ken Hughes
Writers: Ken Hughes and Montgomery Hyde, based on the play The Stringed Lute: An Evocation in Dialogue of Oscar Wilde by John Furnell

At the height of his fame, Oscar Wilde angers the Lord Queensbury by having a romantic relationship with his son, Lord Alfred Douglas. When Queensbury slanders Wilde, the celebrated writer decides to take the matter to court, leading to his own downfall.



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  • BAFTA Award for Best British Actor (Finch); also nominated for Best Film from Any Source, British Film, British Actor (Fraser) and British Screenplay.
  • Golden Globe Samuel Goldwyn Award for Best English-Language Foreign Film.

  • The Stringed Lute: An Evocation in Dialogue of Oscar Wilde by John Furnell was published in 1955. 
  • John Gielgud said that he was originally offered the role of Oscar Wilde. He turned the film down, saying, "no one could look less like Wilde than I do, not even Peter Finch".
  • This was one of two British films about Oscar Wilde released in 1960, the other being Oscar Wilde, starring Robert Morley.

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