Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Boys Beware

1961 American Short Film

"Social guidance" educational film that warns of the danger to young boys from "predatory homosexuals".


  • Internet Movie Database: 3.2/10
  • OMG rating: 4/10

  • DVD: Available

Complete short:

  • Boys Beware infamously features the early 1960s-culturally influenced conclusion that homosexual men are inherently dangerous to young boys and that homosexuality is a "mental illness".
  • Producer Sid Davis appears in the film as the man at the public restroom.
  • Also released in 1961 and produced by Sid Davis, the companion film Girls Beware conversely showed the dangers young girls face from the opposite sex.
  • Now in the public domain, the black and white Boys Beware was later colorized. A full-color version of the film was made in 1973, titled Boys Aware, using the same script and soundtrack with different actors.
  • Playwright Max Sparber's 2006 play The Older Gentleman, set in rural Nebraska in the early 1960s, includes a scene in which college students are shown Boys Beware in class.

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