Sunday, December 8, 2013

Die! Die! My Darling!

1965 British Feature
Alternate Title: Fanatic

Cast: Tallulah Bankhead, Stefanie Powers, Peter Vaughan, Maurice Kaufmann, Yootha Joyce, Donald Sutherland, Gwendolyn Watts, Robert Dorning and Philip Gilbert
Director: Silvio Narizzano
Writer: Richard Matheson, based on the novel Nightmare by Anne Blaisdell

A young woman is terrorized by her fiance's religious fanatic mother, who blames her for her son's death.


  • Internet Movie Database: 6.4/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes - Critics: 44% / Audience: 58%
  • OMG rating: 6/10

  • DVD: Available
  • Book: Available

Video clip:

  • Final film of actress Tallulah Bankhead.
  • Matthew Lombardo's play Looped uses the production of Die! Die! My Darling! as its setting. Valerie Harper played Tallulah Bankhead in its 2008 world premiere at the Pasadena Playhouse as well as its Broadway debut in 2010, which earned her a Tony Award nomination. Die! Die! My Darling! co-star Stefanie Powers has also played Bankhead in the play.

OMG Movie #450

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