Tuesday, November 26, 2013


1916 Swedish Feature
Alternate Title: The Wings

Cast: Egil Eide, Lars Hanson, Lili Bech, Nils Asther, Julius Hälsig, Bertil Junggren and Albin Lavén
Director: Mauritz Stiller
Writers: Axel Esbensen and Mauritz Stiller, based on the novel Mikaël by Herman Bang

A conniving countess comes between a gay sculptor and his bisexual model and lover.


  • Internet Movie Database: 6.4/10

  • DVD: Not available
  • Book: Available

  • Besides being a very early gay-themed film, Vingarne is also notable for its innovative use of a framing story and telling the plot primarily through the use of flashbacks.
  • The film is largely lost, with only half an hour surviving of the original 70-minute film. A restoration was made using still photos and title cards to bridge the missing sections in 1987.

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