Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Sea Purple

2009 Italian Feature
Alternate Titles: Viola di mare / Purple Sea

Cast: Valeria Solarino, Isabella Ragonese, Ennio Fantastichini, Giselda Volodi, Marco Foschi, Ester Cucinotti, Giovanni Moschella, Alessio Vassallo and Maria Grazia Cucinotta
Director: Donatella Maiorca
Writers: Mario Cristiani, Donatella Diamanti, Donatella Maiorca and Pina Mandolfo, based on the novel Minchia di Re by Giacomo Pilati

In 19th-century Sicily, a willful young woman named Angela refuses to give up her lesbian paramour despite her dictatorial father's objections. But her mother comes up with a radical solution.



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  • Giacomo Pilati's novel Minchia di Re was first published in 2004. The title translates to "The King's Shit", a slang term to define the Mediterranean rainbow wrasse fish, which changes sex from female to male.

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