Thursday, October 24, 2013

Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

1993 American Feature

Cast: Uma Thurman, Lorraine Bracco, Angie Dickinson, Noriyuki 'Pat' Morita, Keanu Reeves, John Hurt, Rain Phoenix, Roseanne Arnold, Ed Begley Jr., Crispin Glover, Buck Henry, Carol Kane and Sean Young
Writer/Director: Gus Van Sant, based on the novel by Tom Robbins

The story of Sissy Hankshaw, who was born with unusually large thumbs and makes the most it by becoming a hitchhiker. Her travels lead her from New York City to a lesbian dude ranch.



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  • Tom Robbins' novel Even Cowgirls Get the Blues was first published in 1976. Robbins serves as the film's narrator. A stage adaptation of the novel was first produced in 2008.
  • Casting Call: Jodie Foster, Madonna, Gary Oldman, Elizabeth Taylor and Lily Tomlin.
  • k.d. lang composed (with Ben Mink) and performed the music for the film's soundtrack.
  • The film was dedicated to the late River Phoenix, who starred in Gus Van Sant's My Own Private Idaho and who's uncredited cameo in this film was his last completed screen appearance.
  • Other cameos in the film include Udo Kier, Edward James Olmos and William S. Burroughs as himself.

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