Friday, September 27, 2013

Viktor und Viktoria

1933 German Feature
Alternate Title: Victor and Victoria

Cast: Renate Müller, Hermann Thimig, Hilde Hildebrand, Friedel Pisetta, Fritz Odemar, Aribert Wäscher and Aribert Wäscher
Writer/Director: Reinhold Schünzel

At a Berlin cabaret, aspiring singer Susanne steps in for female impersonator Viktor. But when she is discovered by an agent, she must continue the charade as he thinks she is a man.



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  • At the same time Viktor und Viktoria was being made, writer/director Reinhold Schünzel was also shooting a French-language version of the story titled Georges et Georgette, which was released in 1934.

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  • Remade four times: as First a Girl in 1935 (UK), as Viktor und Viktoria in 1957 (West Germany), as Mi novia el... (a.k.a. My Fiancée the Transvestite) in 1975 (Argentina) and as Victor/Victoria in 1982 (UK/USA).

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