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1943 Italian Feature

Cast: Clara Calamai, Massimo Girotti, Dhia Cristiani, Elio Marcuzzo, Vittorio Duse, Michele Riccardini and Juan de Landa
Director: Luchino Visconti
Writers: Luchino Visconti, Mario Alicata, Giuseppe De Santis and Gianni Puccini (scenario and dialogue), with Alberto Moravia and Antonio Pietrangeli (uncredited), based on the novel The Postman Always Rings Twice by James M. Cain

Passion turns deadly when beautiful hotel owner Giovanna is hopelessly drawn to Gino, a handsome drifter. They decide to kill her husband and collect on his hefty insurance premium, but the lovers are soon trapped in a downward spiral of deception.


  • Internet Movie Database: 7.7 /10
  • Rotten Tomatoes - Critics: 100% / Audience: 84%

  • DVD: Available
  • Book: Available

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  • James M. Cain's The Postman Always Rings Twice was first published in 1934. It was adapted for film twice in America: in 1946 (starring Lana Turner and John Garfield) and 1981 (starring Jessica Lange and Jack Nicholson).
  • Director Luchino Visconti’s first feature film.
  • Considered by many to be the first Italian neorealist film.
  • The gay character, lo Spagnolo (the Spaniard, played by Elio Marcuzzo), was not in the original novel.
  • Due to outraged reactions from Fascist and Church authorities, the film was banned by the Fascist government. They destroyed the film, but Luchino Visconti managed to keep a duplicate negative from which all existing prints have been made.
  • The filmmakers never obtained the rights to the novel The Postman Always Rings Twice. Due to the copyright issues, the film didn’t gain distribution outside of Italy until 1976.

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