Saturday, September 28, 2013

My Summer of Love

2004 British Feature

Cast: Natalie Press, Emily Blunt, Paddy Considine, Dean Andrews, Michelle Byrne, Paul Antony-Barber, Lynette Edwards and Kathryn Sumner
Director: Pawel Pawlikowski
Writers: Pawel Pawlikowski and Michael Wynne, based on the novel by Helen Cross

Mona is tired of her working-class roots, while Tamsin is bored with her pampered lifestyle. When their opposite worlds collide unexpectedly, the two girls sense an immediate attraction.



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  • BAFTA Award for Best British Film.
  • London Critics Circle Film Award for British Newcomer of the Year (Press).

  • The film is loosely based on Helen Cross' novel My Summer of Love, which was first published in Great Britain in 2001.

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