Tuesday, July 23, 2013

North Sea Texas

2011 Belgian Feature
Alternate Title: Noordzee, Texas

Cast: Jelle Florizoone, Mathias Vergels, Eva van der Gucht, Nina Marie Kortekaas, Katelijne Damen and Thomas Coumans
Director: Bavo Defurne
Writers: Bavo Defurne and Yves Verbraeken, based on the novel Nooit gaat dit over by Andre Sollie

Pim, the emotionally abandoned and affection-starved son of a small seaside town's resident floozy, enters a period of sexual awakening with neighbor boy Gino.



  • DVD/Blu-ray: Available


  • GLAAD Media Award nomination for Outstanding Film - Limited Release.

  • Andre Sollie's children's novel Nooit gaat dit over was first published in 2004.
  • Feature film debut of director Bavo Defurne.

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