Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mommie Dearest

1981 American Feature

Cast: Faye Dunaway, Diana Scarwid, Mara Hobel, Steve Forrest, Rutanya Alda, Howard Da Silva and Priscilla Pointer
Director: Frank Perry
Writers: Robert Getchell, Tracy Hotchner, Frank Perry and Frank Yablans, based on the book by Christina Crawford

The life of screen legend Joan Crawford, as seen through the eyes of her adopted daughter Christina.


  • Internet Movie Database: 6.3/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes - Critics: 55% / Audience: 75%
  • OMG rating: 8/10

  • DVD: Available
  • Soundtrack: Available
  • Book: Available


  • Razzie Awards for Worst Picture, Actress (Dunaway), Supporting Actor (Forrest), Supporting Actress (Scarwid) and Screenplay; Worst Picture of the Decade.

  • Christina Crawford's scandalous, best-selling memoir Mommie Dearest was first published in 1978. It is regarded as one of the first celebrity "tell all" books.
  • Potential Director: Franco Zeffirelli.
  • Casting Call: Anne Bancroft.
  • The first film to feature an Academy Award winning actor (Faye Dunaway) playing an Academy Award winning actor (Joan Crawford).
  • Ironically, Joan Crawford once said in an interview in the early 1970s that of the current young actresses in Hollywood, only Faye Dunaway had "what it takes" to be a true star.
  • A month after the film was released to bad reviews, audiences flocked to see the film armed with Ajax and wire hangers to actively "participate" with the film in a manner similar to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Paramount seized on this new found notoriety and began to bill the film as a camp classic, with ads and posters proclaiming, "Meet the biggest MOTHER of them all!"
  • Film debut of actor Xander Berkeley, who played the adult Christopher Crawford.
  • Final film role of actress Jocelyn Brando, Marlon Brando's sister.
  • In 2003, Mommie Dearest's Joan Crawford was ranked #41 villain on the American Film Institute's "100 Years, 100 Heroes & Villains" list.
  • In 2005, Mommie Dearest's "No wire hangers!" was ranked #72 on the American Film Institute's "100 Years, 100 Movie Quotes" list.

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