Saturday, May 18, 2013

Rebel Without a Cause

1955 American Feature

Cast: James Dean, Natalie Wood, Sal Mineo, Jim Backus, Ann Doran, Corey Allen, Edward Platt, Nick Adams and Dennis Hopper
Director: Nicholas Ray
Writers: Stewart Stern (screenplay), Irving Shulman (adaptation) and Nicholas Ray (story)

Jim Stark, a rebellious young man with a troubled past, struggles to fit in in his new town.


  • Internet Movie Database: 7.8/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes - Critics: 95% / Audience: 86%
  • OMG rating: 10/10

  • DVD/Blu-ray: Available
  • Soundtrack: Available
  • Book: Available


  • Academy Award nominations for Best Supporting Actor (Mineo), Supporting Actress (Wood) and Motion Picture Story.
  • BAFTA Award nominations for Best Film from any Source and Foreign Actor (Dean).

  • Casting Call: Marlon Brando, Jayne Mansfield, Paul Newman, Margaret O'Brien and Debbie Reynolds.
  • Director Nicholas Ray, screenwriter Stewart Stern and actors James Dean and Sal Mineo all intended for Mineo's character Plato to be subtly but definitely understood as gay. Although the Production Code was still very much in force at the time and forbade any mention of homosexuality, they all worked together to insert restrained references to Plato's homosexuality and attraction to Jim, including the pinup photo of movie star Alan Ladd hanging in Plato's locker, Plato's adoring looks at Jim, his loaded talk with Jim in the old mansion, and even the name "Plato," which is a reference to the Classical Greek philosopher. For that mansion scene, Dean suggested to Mineo that Plato should "look at me the way I look at Natalie."
  • James Dean, Sal Mineo and Dennis Hopper would later co-star in Giant.
  • The film's original release was less than one month after James Dean's fatal car crash.
  • In 1990, Rebel Without a Cause was inducted into the National Film Registry.
  • In 1998, Rebel Without a Cause was ranked #59 on the American Film Institute's "100 Years, 100 Movies" list.
  • A stage version of Rebel Without a Cause played Off-Broadway in 2005.

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